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$3,500.00 OBO


Newport, TN

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Jul 17, 2009

1976 Dodge Superior motorhome

This camper is a 30 ft motorhome, maroon in color. It has the original curtains and furnishings. Even the 8 track player. Has 93k miles. I camped in it one summer. It has a Dodge 440 engine. A steering stabilizer system and new tires. Has a fold out bed in living room and 2 kids beds in middle of camper. The bathroom is in back. It is equipped with a shower/tub, sink, and commode. The seat valve does need to be fixed. It has a kitchen with fridge, stove, sink, and counter top. A fold out table and 2 chairs in living area. It has a generator and 2 A/c units. TV antenna. This would make a nice fixer upper. Especially if you can do own work. Needs exhaust manifold put back on it's loose. Or put headers on it like many people do. And it did have a leak on roof which I patched. So it did get some water damage. This camper hooks up to electric as well. Superiors were known as a safe RV being made of steel. Please call after 9pm or on the weekends. Thank you.



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Seller Name: Sidney

Seller Primary Phone: (313)614-0363

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