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Oct 20, 2009

Akuma's Prayer Bead Necklace

Akuma's Prayer Bead Necklace

This is a visually stunning, handcrafted, replica necklace of the legendary "Akuma" aka "Gouki", from the Street Fighter series.

The necklace is constructed of 30mm large,  lead free, round wooden beads.  The string is made of durable, wooven hemp, 
to add to the simplistic design.

Each bead is stained in a light and dark mahogany finish. The beads are dark enough to match the true color
of Akuma's Prayer beads, but light enough to see and admire the fine wood grain detail in every bead.

Each necklace holds 25 beads and measures in length at around 15". 

Add to your Street Fighter collection or accent any room in your home, with this amazing piece of handcrafted art.

The Engraved Wood Plank (Added by Request)*

The planks are engraved using a careful wood burning technique.  **

Each plank displays Akuma's trademark Kanji symbol (translated to mean "ten" or "beyond human").

The symbol is encased in a 4 3/4" circle and can be found on the front and back.

On the front the symbol is burned into the plank.

On the back the symbol is surrounded by the dark within the circle, to add a reverse effect.

The planks face and back are both bordered with small dashes.

The back also display's the necklace number out of 12 and the name of our shop.

Every plank is unique, as each plank is carefully handcrafted. 

The plank dimensions are: 7 1/4"L  x  5 1/4"W  x  3/8"D

*Add the Engraved Wood Plank to your order for only $10 more.  Simply add a note in the final invoice requesting the add.

**All Planks are made to order and may take an additional day to ship.


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